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In the U.S, people are not guaranteed lawyers in civil cases – cases that involve issues like domestic violence, the potential loss of homes and children, and adoption. Atlanta Legal Aid provides free legal help to people living in poverty so they don’t have to face a complicated legal system alone.

We need your help to provide lawyers to people living in poverty. When you make a donation to Legal Aid, you are the difference between someone staying housed or ending up on the street. Your donations help someone like Mr. Woodall. 

Mr. Woodall struggled to keep his electricity on at his subsidized apartment. His memory was failing. He lived off of only $241/month. And he had recently been pick-pocketed.

Due to these challenges, Mr. Woodall was evicted. He also lost his housing subsidy, as well as all his belongings. For months Mr. Woodall rotated between staying with friends, sleeping outside, and sleeping in a friend’s van.

One of Mr. Woodall’s concerned former neighbors brought him to Legal Aid to get help. But between being homeless, his memory issues, and his unreliable minute phone, we had trouble staying in touch. Whenever he remembered to, he would show up at the office, and then we’d do as much as we could to keep his case on track. 

Because of donations from people like you, Legal Aid was able to:

– help Mr. Woodall apply for supplemental security income assistance (more than tripling his income)
– get him a new social security debit card
– convince The Housing Authority to reinstate his housing subsidy
– get him approved for a new apartment.

Things are looking up for Mr. Woodall. And you make these good stories possible with your donations. Please make a gift today. 

A gift to Atlanta Legal Aid keeps people housed and safe. 



If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities, contact Angie Tacker at ajtacker@atlantalegalaid.org


Please consider making a lasting gift to Atlanta Legal Aid Society.


If you are 70.5 or older, you can send your RMD directly to Legal Aid in a tax-beneficial way.


Donor Advised Funds (DAF) offer another tax-beneficial way to give. For more information, contact Angie Tacker at ajtacker@atlantalegalaid.org

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