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Safe, decent and affordable housing is fundamental to building community. Legal Aid works across metro Atlanta and the state to help people to maintain the homes they have, to increase access to affordable housing and to improve conditions in which people live in order to help communities thrive.

Consumers often have difficulty navigating the complexity of laws and regulations established to protect them. Legal Aid lawyers fight predatory debt collectors, unfair and illegal collection practices, and other practices that threaten our clients’ economic stability.


Family stability is at the heart of Legal Aid’s practice. Our lawyers and volunteers legalize family relationships, fight for custody and child support and protect victims of domestic violence, giving clients the tools to move on from often violent and tragic circumstances.


The good health of the people who come to Legal Aid is not always about simply accessing a doctor or a service. Securing the health of these clients encompasses many areas of our practice and touches many of our most vulnerable populations. Advocates help people with disabilities start new lives outside institutions, ensure that children with health and developmental issues get a proper education, finalize wills and estates for women with breast cancer, work through private and public bureaucracies to guarantee appropriate health benefits and support services and hold providers accountable for clients’ needs.

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