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Have you or someone you know been targeted for a home sale or home purchase scam? Are you have issues affording your home? Need legal assistance?

Call our Home Defense Program at (770) 648-4290.

Home Purchase Scams

If you are considering buying a home, shop the right way.  Don’t become a victim of home purchase scams, which can turn your dream of home ownership into a nightmare.  These traps are designed to steal your hard-earned money and leave you and your family out on the street.

Scams to watch out for:
1. Rent-to-own or lease with an option to buy
2. Contract for deed or land contract
3. Seller-financed wraparound mortgages.

Learn more about home purchase scams and how to protect yourself by clicking HERE.

Home Affordability

Are you facing high property taxes?  Struggling to pay your mortgage?  At risk of losing your home?  If your goal is to keep your home, learn about your options.

Have you applied for all property tax exemptions for which you may be eligible?
Learn about property tax exemptions, and how and when to apply for them HERE.

Have you challenged the property tax valuation?
Learn how to appeal your property tax assessment HERE.

Have you applied for a loan modification?
Learn about tips when you are in default on your mortgage loan, and about loan modification and mortgage payment assistance programs HERE.

Are you facing foreclosure?
Learn about the foreclosure process in Georgia, potential ways to stop a scheduled foreclosure sale, and what happens after a foreclosure sale has gone through HERE.

Home Sale Scams

Are you a homeowner? Are you located in an area that has undergone significant development? Are you being pressured to sell your home, flooded with offers by mail, or annoying phone calls? Have you been approached about selling your home?

Beware: Investors who buy homes fast, as-is, will pay you far less than your home is worth!


Learn more about home and equity theft scams and how to protect yourself by clicking HERE.

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