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Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Everything you need to join the event is below. Cheers!

Join the party over Zoom for a happy hour with other attendees (Thursday, June 3 from 6PM to 6:45PM)

Watch pre-recorded mixology lessons from our local bartenders (scroll down)

Make a gift to support Legal Aid and your gift will be matched!

Vote for your favorite cocktail to decide who will win the Debate (voting closes at 8PM on Thursday the 3rd) 

Cocktail Recipe #1: Layman’s Terms

From the bar of: Double Zero
Crafted by Nicholas Brackett

  • 1 oz Bourbon/Whiskey
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • .75 oz Zucca Amaro


  1. Add all ingredients to mixing glass.
  2. Pour over large rock.
  3. Stir.
  4. Garnish with orange peel.

Cocktail Recipe #2: The Dublin

From the bar of: The Marlay House
Crafted by Nick Moody

  • 2 oz Irish whiskey
  • ½ oz of port
  • ½ oz sweet vermouth
  • A few dashes of angostura bitters


  1. Stir with ice.
  2. Strain.
  3. Serve up in a martini glass or coop.
  4. Garnish with an orange expression and toss the peel in.

Cocktail Recipe #3: Toasted Orange Old Fashion

From the bar of: Sprig Restaurant
Crafted by Jason Howell

  • 2oz Bourbon
  • 2 dashes of included bitters or orange bitters if on hand
  • 3/4oz Toasted Orange Syrup (or included orange simple syrup)


  1. Pour into a glass filled with ice.
  2. Stir for about 10 seconds.
  3. Strain into an old fashioned over a large ice cube.
  4. Garnish with a toasted orange slice.

Toasted Oranges: slice 4 oranges in half and then into slices >> lay them flat on a wire rack or parchment paper >> bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees >> remove slices from pan immediately and store in freezer until ready to serve


Which restaurant’s cocktail should win the Great Whiskey Debate?

Double Zero
The Marlay House
Sprig Restaurant

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