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Volunteer Attorney Secures Excellent Outcome for Senior Citizen

Recently a senior citizen contacted Legal Aid after she moved out of her townhome and completed her move out inspection.  Even though the apartment was in excellent move out condition, the landlord withheld the client’s security deposit. The client, who has significant health issues, had moved out of state and was too medically fragile to return to Georgia.  So she called us. Volunteer attorney Adam Kaye jumped in and located the landlord, who was evading service, sued her in court, and prevailed at trial. The client received judgment for more than $1300 and is thrilled with her representation because she lives on a fixed income and every dollar counts. Not only did Adam provide excellent advocacy in court, he arranged for the client to appear via video conference and fended off the landlord’s counterclaims for legal fees and punitive damages.  Thanks, Adam for your work on behalf of Legal Aid.

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