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Health Law During a Crisis

In times of crisis, Legal Aid lawyers fight harder than ever to get justice for our clients. This week, Legal Aid attorney Stefanie Sparks helped Ms. Neale*, a woman with Stage IV cancer, complete an Advance Healthcare Directive. Through this…

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Olmstead at 20: Promises Kept, Promises Unfulfilled

Story by Robin McDonald. Photographs by Robin Rayne.   Olmstead v. L.C. and E.W.: The landmark Supreme Court ruling heralded as the the disability community’s Brown v. Board of Education turns 20. ************************************************* Whenever family was at stake, Nafeesah Shaheed…

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What is a civil case?

Did you know? In the U.S., people are not legally entitled to a lawyer in civil (non-criminal) cases, no matter how dire the situation. That means that with cases concerning domestic violence, eviction, public benefits, and adoption proceedings (among others),…

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Interview with a Legal Aid Lawyer

  Jacki Payne has been an Atlanta Legal Aid Lawyer for over 30 years and has dedicated her life's work to poverty law and standing in solidarity with her clients to help them achieve the best outcomes possible. Jacki, who…

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How Relative Adoptions Help Children

  According to the report by Generations United, “for every child in foster care, 20 are being raised by a family member”1. This reportedly saves taxpayers around $4 billion a year 2. The financial benefit is no small matter, but…

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