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Interview with a Legal Aid Lawyer

  Jacki Payne has been an Atlanta Legal Aid Lawyer for over 30 years and has dedicated her life's work to poverty law and standing in solidarity with her clients to help them achieve the best outcomes possible. Jacki, who…

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How Relative Adoptions Help Children

  According to the report by Generations United, “for every child in foster care, 20 are being raised by a family member”1. This reportedly saves taxpayers around $4 billion a year 2. The financial benefit is no small matter, but…

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Domestic Violence Can Be Prevented

Quick Escape Domestic violence is a society-wide issue that affects people of every race, class, and gender. With this in mind, we all have a responsibility to help stop domestic violence, especially considering the struggles that domestic violence victims face…

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We Protect Women & Children from Domestic Violence

Quick Escape In the U.S., people are not legally entitled to a lawyer in civil (non-criminal) cases, no matter how dire the situation. That means that with cases concerning domestic violence, people must pay out of pocket or attempt to…

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