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Helping a Mourning Mother

One of our clients, Mr. Foster*, passed away a few weeks ago amidst the pandemic. He was a sweet man who had been the caregiver to his nephew, who suffers from PTSD. Mr. Foster originally came to us after his brother died, because the two had bought their home together and Mr. Foster had discovered, after his brother’s death, that the mortgage had not been paid and the home was facing foreclosure. Unbeknownst to Mr. Foster, his brother had refinanced the home.  With the help of our attorney, Rachel Scott, and our housing counselor, Nadine Lang, we were able to get Mr. Foster approved for HomeSafe Georgia, which saved him over $6,000 on his mortgage and protected his home. 


But Rachel didn’t stop there. She also assisted him in getting insurance proceeds from a past claim, and helped him get a more affordable homeowner’s insurance policy. So grateful for the help, Mr. Foster mailed both Nadine and Rachel a thank you note and a check for $100 each (which we of course returned, along with our own thank you note to him). 


Upon hearing of his death last week, Nadine and Rachel reached out to Mr. Foster’s 90 year old mother with condolences. They also opened a new case to help his mother gain access to her son’s checking account to pay for the funeral. In a phone conversation with Nadine, Mr. Foster’s mother told her that they were “angels sent from God to help her bury her 3rd son”. 


While the loss of Mr. Foster is very painful, Nadine and Rachel were glad to be able to assist his mother during these difficult times. And we’re grateful for their excellent work and glad they were able to provide some comfort to the family. 


*client’s name changed to maintain privacy


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