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Reassuring Call Gives Peace of Mind to Sick Client

Attorney Yazmin Sobh out of our Gwinnett office received a phone call from Mr. Parker, a client with stage four lung cancer. Mr. Parker called because he was worried about his bills, which he was still trying to pay despite being out of work and suffering from his illness. He was receiving a number of calls from creditors, and he didn’t know where to turn next since the only income he had was from social security disability. Yazmin reassured him that his disability income is not garnishable by regular creditors, and suggested that if paying the creditors was creating a hardship for him, he should focus on paying his necessities right now. She also informed him that he can write the collection agencies a letter asking them to stop calling, which relieved some stress for him. 


Although he is going through an unbelievably challenging time with his cancer and the public health crisis, he was grateful for the advice and felt a bit more peace of mind after the call. 


Great job, Yazmin!


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