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Stellar Teamwork Helps Clients Find Stability in Uncertain Times

Although some courts are closed, Fulton Family Division is very busy having hearings via teleconference. Attorneys Nilu, Courtney, Lori and Michelle have all had great outcomes for our clients via teleconference or video conference hearings since we have been working away from the office. Our paralegals, Ana and Alicia, have also been hard at work fighting for justice for our clients.

  • Nilu got an income deduction order for spousal support ($1000).
  • Courtney got a return of custody order in one case and today got a custody and restraining order in a divorce case.
  • Lori got a final order for sole custody last week via teleconference.
  • Michelle got a final order for child support and custody via Zoom teleconference.
  • Ana is taking Family Law Information Center calls and stayed up late on the phone one night last week helping a homeless caller get a hotel room for her and her child.
  • Our new litigation paralegal, Alicia, has been busy working remotely on discovery responses (including gathering hundreds of documents remotely, electronically and via iphone photos with a client who needs help in a child support case.

    In addition, the team is still conducting regular family law intake and they are providing telephone consultations for the Family Law Information Center clients who can no longer get appointments at the courthouse. On top of the outstanding work of our staff, in just one day we had 15 private family law attorneys volunteer to help us meet this need in the coming weeks.

    We are so grateful for our staff and volunteers for fighting harder than ever for our clients right now!

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