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The Turner Family

The people at Legal Aid are so thorough. They made me feel so comfortable and said, “don’t worry, if you want to cry, you can cry”. They’re always so helpful and go the extra mile. They really get in there with you and help you understand exactly what you’re going through and what you can do.

Brenda Turner

Mrs. Turner is the strong matriarch in her family. After raising her own children, Mrs. Turner took over the care of her three granddaughters, each with various developmental and learning disabilities. Working full time and caring for her family is a lot of work, but it’s easy to see the love she has for them.

Chastity, her youngest granddaughter, was particularly struggling in school. When Mrs. Turner attended Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings to address her granddaughter’s learning disabilities, she found it difficult to understand what was going on in the meetings and how to help her granddaughter. She was in tears, frustrated at not knowing how to help, when one of Chastity’s teachers directed her to Legal Aid and told her that she did not have to go through this alone.

For Mrs. Turner, learning about Legal Aid was a turning point. Her gratitude is undeniable. Chastity now has an IEP that better fits her needs, and Legal Aid continues to work with Chastity and Ms. Turner to make sure they are both supported throughout Chastity’s education.

Not only did they help me with the case and everything, but they helped me to understand Chastity. I learned a lot about who she is, and what she needs, and the difference in her body and mindset, and learned about what caused it and what is really going on. That’s what I love about Legal Aid. They didn’t rush me off. They had concern about Chasity. They had concern for her and they never dropped it.

Brenda Turner, Chastity’s grandmother
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